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The medical team at A Place for Women is always happy to share the latest OB/GYN information with their patients—such as minimally-invasive surgical options or the latest mobile applications (apps) for smartphones and other mobile devices. From monitoring each week of a 40-week pregnancy to counting fetal kicks or timing contractions—the following list of mobile apps is sure to provide peace of mind during your pregnancy. Plus, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running into parenthood long before your baby’s first steps.

Soon your arms will be full holding a beautiful bundle of joy, for now, keep track of your pregnancy in the palm of your hand with the following pregnancy apps:


Mobile Application Description’s Pregnancy Tracker App


From, this FREE pregnancy app helps women navigate through all 40 weeks with weekly updates to life-long health tips! The website, is a great complement for pregnancy and parenthood.

Baby Names

by Sevenlogics, Inc.

Wow, you’re pregnant! What are you going to name the baby? One, not-so-simple question with literally thousands of answers. Find the baby name that’s perfect for you….and your baby. Learn about origin, meaning and popularity!

Baby Names Wizard

by Schatzisoft

An iTunes Staff Favorite…and sure to be soon-to-be-parents’ fav too! Let the wizard help you choose your new baby’s name—free of charge.

BabyBump Free

by Alt 12 Apps, LLC

This app might just bump its way to the top of your app list. This app is bulging with daily pregnancy information, images of your growing fetus and many tools to track each stage of mother and baby’s development. It’s so easy to keep it all straight—even though your belly is bumping out!

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro (Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Names)

by Alt12 Apps, LLC

You don’t have to worry about losing your mind while you’re gaining baby weight! Let Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro keep track of your to-dos—from weekly development updates, graphical weight charts and a pregnancy forum, where you can chat it up with other mommies-to-be!

My Pregnancy Today

by BabyCenter

Expecting? Get the must-have pregnancy app for any parent-to-be. Brought to you by BabyCenter, the most trusted parenting resource, supporting 25 million moms worldwide. Simply enter your baby’s due date and My Pregnancy Today turns your mobile device into an expert guide for your exact day of pregnancy.

Contraction Master

by Bill Snebold Design, Inc.

The easiest, most accurate way to time your labor contractions! Don't stress out fumbling for a pen and paper while trying to calculate your labor contractions. Contraction Master is the easy and accurate way to track your contractions so you know the perfect time to leave for the hospital—don’t worry, Contraction Master will sound an alarm when it’s time to get up and go…push!

OvuView – Period Tracker

by Sleekbit

Seriously the best period and fertility app to keep your cycle on track. OvuView tracks and predicts your period, ovulation and fertility, using sophisticated sympto-thermal methods (STM). This app can be used both as an advanced birth control tool or as a simple menstrual calendar—to help you to conceive—or keep you from getting pregnant.

I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App

by MedHelp

If you’re expecting, you can expect I’m Expecting Pregnancy App to help guide you through all 40 weeks. Learn exactly what’s happening to your body, as well as your baby’s, on a weekly basis. Plus, keep track of your doctor’s appointments and get answers to burning questions—like is that heartburn, how much fish can I eat and what side should I be sleeping on at night?


by Gregory P. Moore, MD

It’s like having a doc in your pocket. This application was designed by an OB/GYN and enables expectant moms to store important pieces of information from doctors’ visits (weight, blood pressure, ultrasound photographs and fetal heart rate) in a handy device, as your hands will soon be full. There is also a library of baby names and a place for you to keep track of your favorites.

My Fitness Pal

(Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal)


Though you’re “eating for two,” it’s more important than ever to monitor what you put in your body so both you and your baby can grow healthy through every stage. The app keeps track of daily food / caloric intake, as well as exercise. The app syncs with your account, so you can log your food and exercise from anywhere, at any time.

Ovulation Calendar

by Dynadel

Stop wondering when you’re most fertile and start using the Ovulation Calendar app. It’s a great way to help you determine the best days to get pregnant—or NOT get pregnant. Keep track of the length of your period and when to expect your next period!

Positive Pregnancy with Andrew Johnson

by Michael Schneider

Close your eyes and relax! Oh, wait—don’t do that until after you read this blurb and download the Positive Pregnancy app. This complete audio pregnancy program is a guided meditation to assist expecting mothers in experiencing a relaxed and stress-free pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Baby Development

by Modality Inc.

Get the entire inside story! Pregnancy and Baby Development enables expectant mothers to follow the miraculous story of a new life forming from the day of conception through the entire first year.

Pregnancy Companion

by Dr. Rydfors & Dr. Schuftan: OBGYN

Pregnancy Companion is the most comprehensive pregnancy app available. Created and written by two highly respected practicing OB/GYN physicians, it’s like having your own doctor’s trusted advice (and lots of cool tools!) right at your fingertips.

Pregnancy Buzz By The Bump

By The Knot Inc.

From the creators of the pregnancy and parenting site,, this free iPhone app is for busy mamas-to-be who want to stay informed and connected at every stage of their pregnancy. Think of it as your on-the-go source for expert tips and real-mom advice on everything baby—from what’s safe to eat (and what’s not), to what to expect at your next prenatal checkup and everything in between.

Pregnancy Tracker from What to Expect

by Everyday Health

Track your pregnancy week by week and connect with moms in your community—the pregnancy community, that is. Read the book? Use the site? Now you can download the app (for FREE) from Heidi Murkoff's What to Expect When You're Expecting, America's pregnancy go-to guide.

Sprout: Pregnancy Essentials

by Med ART Studios

This award-winning app has everything expecting moms could possible need and want to track their pregnancy and understand what’s really going on inside—both mom and developing baby! Written by physicians and moms-to-be, Sprout features: detailed color images and 3D models; weight tracker, kick counter, contraction timer; personal MyBaby and Doctor Says sections; Plus a FREE American Baby® Magazine subscription with your download.

Weekly Guide to Pregnancy from Essential Baby

by Fairfax Digital Australia & New Zealand Pty Limited

Essential Baby’s Weekly Guide to Pregnancy application allows you to learn about the weekly changes happening to your body throughout your pregnancy, and track your baby's growth and development during each week of your pregnancy. Now including a contraction timer with hospital settings! It’s the must-have iPhone application for those who are pregnant.